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Objave za medije o radu TZG Petrinje

Ovdje možete pronaći priopćenja za medije o provedenim aktivnostima Turističke zajednice Grada Petrinje.

  1. 04. Apr

    New visual identity, new web page

    The new web page for the Tourist Office Petrinja was presented by the...

  2. 04. Apr

    Petrinja’s strategic plan for the development of tourism has been presented

    The destination Petrinja’s strategic plan for the development of tourism was presented on...


Additional Information

  • Turistička zajednica Grada Petrinje
    Trg dr.Franje Tuđmana 4
    Petrinja, Hrvatska
    Tel:385 (0)44 813 876; 815 431
    Fax:385(44) 813 746
    E mail
    OIB: 20715459997
    IBAN: HR5424070001188013177
  • Grad Petrinja
    Ured gradonačelnika
    Tel./fax:385 44 515-200, 515-207
  • Stručna služba grada
    Tel./fax:385 44 515-232
  • Radno vrijeme gradske upraveOd 7:30 do 15:30



06.02.2016 Petrinja’s Carnival will be held on February 6, 2016 on Trg hrvatskih branitelja. Visitors are welcome to enjoy musical and theatrical programmes with a lot of laughter and dance, promenade...


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Welcome to Petrinja, a small town with a big heart. A town with a particularly well-preserved natural environment on the slopes of Zrinska gora.

Explore the town, mountains, rivers, and find for yourself what the best according to your expectations is.