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The area of the town of Petrinja is a constituent part of Sisak-Moslavina County and covers the territory of about 380 square km. Surrounding it, there are towns of Sisak and Glina, and the municipalities of Lekenik, Donji Kukuruzari and Dvor. The town is situated at the intersection of the roads which connect north-western Croatia and Zagreb with Banovina, and further with the neighbouring state of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thus, the areas of Kordun and Banovina are connected with Posavina.


To the rest of Croatia, Petrinja is connected via two state roads:

D-30 state road is the main connection between Zagreb and Sisak-Moslavina County, as well as between Zagreb and the western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina (road junction Buzin (A3) – Velika Gorica – Petrinja – Hrvatska Kostajnica – the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina state border). For today’s traffic conditions, it is a narrow, slow and dangerous road passing through a number of settlements. However, with the completion of the Zagreb – Sisak A-11 motorway, the access to Petrinja from Zagreb, especially regarding the speed and road safety, will be significantly improved.

D-36 state road is a route connecting Karlovac – Pokupsko – Petrinja – Sisak – Popovača junction (connection to the A-3 motorway). From the aspect of tourism, this road is important since it is the shortest way from Karlovac to PP Lonjsko polje, an increasingly popular destination with the foreign tourists travelling towards the Adriatic coast.

The railway line connecting Zagreb – Sisak is only 13 kilometres away from Petrinja.

Hrvatske željeznice Sisak
Tel.: 524-724, 521-157

Zagreb Airport in Velika Gorica is located 47 kilometres from Petrinja.

Zračna luka Zagreb
Tel: 01 4562 170

Distance from Petrinja to:
– Zagreb 57 km
– Sisk 15 km
– Karlovac 84 km
– Zadar 335 km
– Split 455 km
– Čakovec 150 km
– Osijek 255 km
– Varaždin 135 km
– Dubrovnik 650 km
– Slavonski Brod 166 km
– Požega 150 km
– Bjelovar 95 km
– Vukovar 265 km
– Virovitica 125 km
– Koprivnica 145 km
– Pazin 255 km
– Rijeka 210 km
– Gospić 190 km
– Krapina 108 km

Additional Information

  • Turistička zajednica Grada Petrinje
    Trg dr.Franje Tuđmana 4
    Petrinja, Hrvatska
    Tel:385 (0)44 813 876; 815 431
    Fax:385(44) 813 746
    E mail
    OIB: 20715459997
    IBAN: HR5424070001188013177
  • Grad Petrinja
    Ured gradonačelnika
    Tel./fax:385 44 515-200, 515-207
  • Stručna služba grada
    Tel./fax:385 44 515-232
  • Radno vrijeme gradske upraveOd 7:30 do 15:30



06.02.2016 Petrinja’s Carnival will be held on February 6, 2016 on Trg hrvatskih branitelja. Visitors are welcome to enjoy musical and theatrical programmes with a lot of laughter and dance, promenade...


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